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“We learned so much from the workshop last night and we especially appreciated your approach, going slow and really giving us an opportunity to take in the message.”


The Bridging Center’s Blending Families workshop defines the confusing roles and boundaries of blending families when there is co-parental conflict. The workshop demonstrates why parents so often struggle in their blending efforts and presents approaches to lessen the stress children experience. The workshop provides participants an opportunity to seek practical answers to their personal blending issues.

Participants leave the workshop with an illustrated understanding of the complexities of blending families when co-parental conflict is present, and practical knowledge of how to better develop the various important family relationships. Instructors also provide tips for improving the blending experience.

The Blending Families workshop is a one-time, 3-hour workshop.

  • Cost: $250.00 per couple
  • Location: The Bridging Center
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“I can not thank you enough for this class yesterday! I learned so much and am hopeful it will help my ex and I move forward in a positive way. I so wish I would have known about this sooner!!!”