The Bridging Center is about relationships

Whether you’re here for your marriage, navigating your divorce or co-parenting, or you’re a professional looking for consultation, the Bridging Center exists to support you. The Bridging Center helps families develop healthy marriages, works with conflicted families navigating divorce and post-divorce/coparenting relationships, and trains professionals to understand the complexity of relationships.  

The Bridging Center

The Bridging Center develops innovative educational classes and workshops, and provides clinical services to the benefit of families. The Bridging Center provides therapy for individuals and families in need of healing; teaches parents how to lead their families through divorce and parental conflict;  coaches parents on co-parenting techniques;  guides couples in building long lasting, life-giving marriages.

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The Bridging Center is located at:
7801 East Bush Lake Road, Suite 130
Bloomington, MN 55439

Joe Noble, MA, LMFT

Lori Thibodeau, MA, LMFT

Kevin King, MA, LAMFT

Erin Kassebaum, MS, LAMFT

Kelly Noble, JD

Discover our video series, UpStream with Joe and Lori, on healthy relationship and marriage. The series addresses topics such as: belonging & our shared identity, commitment, power & influence, safety & security, disagreements, blame, vulnerability, conflict, trust, and more. 

Click on this link to register for the Bridging Parental Conflict class.

The Blending Families Workshop provides insights and advice for blending when co-parental conflict is present.

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“I can not thank you enough for this class yesterday! I learned so much and am hopeful it will help my ex and I move forward in a positive way. I so wish I would have known about this sooner!”